Sunday, January 31, 2010

FREE Pampers Easy UP Trainers Kit

Pampers Easy Up Trainers Kit
A FREE sample of Easy Ups Trainers
• High-value coupons
• Fun stickers & coloring pages
• Step-by-step potty training tips
• Potty Progress Chart
• Dora or Diego training trophy

Friday, January 29, 2010

2 DAYS left to enter Giveaway #4

Giveaway #4 END January 31st at Midnight.  
It isn't to late to enter to have your chance to win the Southern Living at HOME Amelia Beaded Glass Tray and Amelia Beaded Glass Trio. 
Don't forget that you can also make daily TWITTER entries.
2 little Boys Giveaway #4
The Amelia Beaded Glass pieces add beautiful sparkle to your vanity or table top, providing great storage, organization, or a gorgeous serving piece for your entertaining needs.  You will love having these pieces as a part of your decorating collection.

Go HERE for details and to ENTER

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beach Brights- *Shey* [B] Camera Strap Giveaway


Beach Brights is having a cute giveaway for a $30 Gift Certificate to *Shey*[B].

If you are a follower of Beach Brights, do nothing,
you are automatically entered in this giveaway.

If you would like to increase your chances, you can do the following:

1. +1 entry, leave Beach Brights a comment with your email address (easy!)
2. +1 entry, Tweet about this giveaway, you can copy &; paste the following: Win a *Shey*[B] Camera Strap @beachbrights @Shealynn
3. +1 entry, blog about this giveaway.
4. Giveaway open to US & Canada only. Ends Friday, Jan. 29th.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

ECO Bottle from Tupperware

First let me say, I was not asked to review this product by Tupperware.  I was given he ECO bottle as a thank you gift by a friend of mine who is also a top director for Tupperware.  Since one of my New Years Goals is to Drink 8 Glasses of  Water a day, I figured I might share how I am finding it a little easier to make that happen, ESPECIALLY when I am not a real fan of Water.

The ECO bottle from Tupperware is first and foremost environmentally friendly, you can use this bottle over and over and you don't have to worry about filling up the landfills with your empty bottles.  My favorite thing about the ECO bottle is that it will hold 1 liter of water, which means I only need to drink 2 of these in a day to get in my 8 glasses of water.  I find it very easy to fill my bottle from my large Brita tank in the fridge before I head out the door for the day, and then when I get home after running errands I fill it up again for my afternoon water needs.


"Drink 8 glasses of water each day" is what we hear all the time but what weight loss benefits do we get from drinking water?
All functions within the body require the presence of water. A well hydrated body enables these functions to occur quickly and efficiently. All chemical processes involve energy metabolism and drinking plenty of water will make us feel more energetic and boost our metabolic rate
Drinking water is important if you're trying to lose weight, some studies have shown that thirst and hunger sensations are triggered together. If there is a slight dehydration the thirst mechanism may be mistaken for hunger and one may eat when the body is actually craving fluid. As most food contains some water, if one doesn't drink much they may be subconsciously driven to eat more to gain the necessary water supply however, you also gain the undesired effects of increased calorie consumption. Drinking more water can help to prevent overeating and benefit weight loss. 
(The information above comes from HERE) 
How much water should you drink?
According to nutrition.about.  A good estimate is to take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. That gives you the number of ounces of water per day that you need to drink. Go HERE for a Water Calculator based on your personal weight.  They will ask you a series of 8 questions regarding your weight, environment, exercise, etc. and give you a final total based on your answers.

BUT you need to remember that about 20% of the foods you eat also have water, so what ever number you come up with you should reduce that number by 20%.  I am not a nutrition expert, this is just the information I have gathered by doing my own online research.  So according to my water calculator results I should drinking 125.5 ounces of water a day, but because I am eating a healthy diet, exercising, and have no other medical issues my final water total for a day is 100.4 ounces or 3 fill-ups of my ECO bottle from Tupperware.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentines Day Event Giveaway with 35+ Winners

Ok this giveaway is awesome! Gotta go check out what these girls are giving away! I am very excited to be able to tell my readers about this!

Go to Adventures of Paul & Natalie to see what goodies Natalie is offering!

Go to Second Time Around and see Rachels lovelies!

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ONE MORE Amazing Giveaway

I totally love COTE DE TEXAS a Interior Decorator blogging about French style design in Texas.  COTE DE TEXAS is having an amazing giveaway for french market baskets and she is giving away a First and Second prize.
Go HERE to check out all the details and 
enter this amazing giveaway!

This is the color I would choose if I won First Prize

This is the one I would choose if I won Second Prize, the largeCap Ferrat Fuschia

TomKat Studio: Icing Designs Hand-Glittered notecards giveaway

TomKat Studio is having a great giveaway for these adorable Hand-Glittered notecards from Icing Designs.
These are some of my favorite items for Icing Designs Etsy shop

So go HERE and check out all the details and 
enter this Fabulous Giveaway!

My Journey from Spender to Saver's 1st Giveaway

My Journey from Spender to Saver is having her first giveaway for her readers and I am very excited about it because it's a $40 GC to ToysRus.  What MOM couldn't use a GC to ToysRus?
So you will have 3 different ways that you can enter this contest.

  1. Become a follower of  Journey from Spender to Saver. This way will get you 1 entry.
  2. Link your link in the mclinky thingy on her page. This will also get you 1 entry.
  3. Blog about her giveaway, and link back on her page to the giveaway post. This will get you 2 entries.
  4. Do all of the above get 5 (yes 5) entries!!!!

2 little Boys - Giveaway #4

It's been since December since my 2 little Boys did a giveaway and they REALLY wanted to do it when we hit our 200th post, but life got in the way and we are a little late.  BUT we got our act together and we pulled together this great giveaway for the end of January.
2 little Boys Giveaway #4
For Giveaway #4 we are giving one of our lucky readers the Amelia Beaded Glass Tray and Amelia Beaded Glass Trio from Southern Living at HOME.  The Amelia Beaded Glass pieces add beautiful sparkle to your vanity or table top, providing great storage, organization, or a gorgeous serving piece for your entertaining needs.  You will love having these pieces as a part of your decorating collection.

How to Enter:
Open to USA and Canada ONLY
Giveaway Ends at midnight January 31st, a winner will be drawn on February 1st using Please only make one comment for your entry unless you meet the additional entry terms.

If you win the drawing you will have 48 hours to claim the prize before another winner is drawn.

Extra entries can be earned by:

1. Sign up to be a follower on my blog (or let me know you already are a follower) .
2. Grab my Blog Button for your blog, provide a link to your blog so I can see our beautiful button.
3. Posting about this giveaway on your blog, you must provide a link to the post on your blog.
4. Refer a friend who says in their entry YOU referred them
5. Follow me on Twitter
6. Announcing this giveaway on Twitter and provide a link to it. Copy and paste: "Win a Southern Living at Ameila Beaded Glass Tray and Trio from".  You can come back DAILY with a twitter entry.

To be counted ALL entries must come through the comments on this giveaway post.

All entries are recorded, numbered, and time stamped as they are received. All giveaway contests end at midnight on the date that is listed in the current giveaway contest.

(67 Total comments were posted on this original post, that appeared on

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Design Dazzle: Rock the Tote Giveaway!

It's time to Rock The Tote with the new diaper bag from baby star. One of Design Dazzle's lucky readers will receive a Rock The Tote diaper bag valued at $88. Beautifully crafted with the modern mom (or dad) in mind. This diaper bag has room for what you need on the run, even a lap top. Features a wide zipper pocket on one side and two open pockets on the other side that can hold a wipe case, bottle or cell phone. Also includes matching changing pad and a BPA free wipe case

I also love this sweet blanket at baby star

So if your looking for a great diaper bag for your little one or even as a gift for someone you love, head on over to Design Dazzle and enter.