Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Review

*This review was not solicited by BABY BJÖRN.  This review is my own opinion and based on our own experience with using the BABY BJÖRN Potty Chair.

Are you tired of changing stinky diapers and ready to start potty training your little one?
You should consider the BABY BJÖRN Potty Chair.  We have used other potty chairs in the past, but none of them compare to the BABY BJÖRN potty chair.  This potty chair is designed perfectly to allow for ease of use and ease of cleaning.  Our little man finds it really easy to sit down with the help of a hand resting on the high back of the chair while he is trying to sit and the rubberized bottom keeps it from slipping on the floor.  In addition, the wide base design prevents the potty from tipping over when your little one goes to sit down.  If your trying to teach your little man to stand while going peepee, the design of the built in arm rests being further back on the chair allows little man to straddle the front side of the potty.

Finally, what I love most as a mom, is that the potty is so easy to clean, I can easily lift out the inner potty pail and wash it.  AND if someone REALLY makes a mess doing business, I can take the potty out to the patio and spray it down with a hose or put it in the utility sink to wash it down with bleach water.
The BABY BJÖRN Potty Chair comes in 6 different colors priced from $21.50 - 29.95  HERE at  You can even get your little girl a HOT PINK POTTY.

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