Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 piece Product pkg from Minds In Sync Giveaway ends 3/30

TicTacDough is having a giveaway with Minds In Sync
Minds In Sync is a British born company with kids and parents in mind. Offering imaginative and thoughtful products that not only serve a purpose but is also safety driven!

I was so lucky to try out three of their wonderful products-- The Audible Thermometer, The Safety Bathtime Faucet and Tap Protector, and lastly the Safety Bathtime Easy Kneeler. All three of these products keep children safe and adults minds set easy. 

The Audible Thermometer is a great product. Floating in the tub, delighting baby and alerting you when the water reaches too hot and too cold of temperatures. It sounds an alarm if the temperature reaches beyond a recommended range of 89.6 and 100.4 F.

The Safety Bathtime Faucet and Tap Protector is a great feature in any bathtub-- home, away on vacation, even at grandma's house! So many times, my daughters would be drawn to the faucet end of the bathtub-- and so many times I was trying to entice them away with a toy. Did it ever work? No. They are intrigued with the running water, the cold metal-- but that combination can be dangerous! The protector easily attaches and protects babies head and body from the metal faucet.
The Safety Bathtime Easy Kneeler was a wonderful addition also! It keeps mom or dad close by in case if an accident should happen. There are pockets on the front that stores shampoo and washcloths close by so there is no running out of the bathroom in search of shampoo or conditioner-- it's all close by when you use the Easy Kneeler!
Go HERE for details and to enter!
Giveaway ends 3/30


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