Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nikon D80 Camera Giveaway! TONIGHT only 3/18

Alexis has been wanting to do a really fun giveaway on hers blog forever, and she happened to get this opportunity! :) QuickPro Camera Guides and Alexis Miller Photography are teaming up to give away this
Nikon D80 with a Nikon 24-85mm Lens! ETA: This lens is the 3.5 one, not the 2.8 one - just don't want any confusion! The camera was used only for a few hours during the filming of the QuickPro Camera Guide for the Nikon D80, so it is used, but not very much! Alexis is excited to give it away because she loves how much her cameras have changed her life, and she hopes that someone will love this camera and taking pictures with it as much as she does!
 GO HERE for details on how to enter and do it QUICK!!!

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  1. just wanted to leave u some comment love and tell u thanks for posting this on ur blog ..awesome giveaway and i wouldnt of been able to enter had u of not posted it so thanks!